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Our Charity of the Year – Dementia Jersey

At BCR Law we are all members of our Island community and care deeply about Jersey and those who call Jersey home. We are proud to have partnered with an amazing local charity – Dementia Jersey – to help promote and further their vital work. This is not simply a question of raising funds, we also want to help raise awareness of the fantastic work Dementia Jersey does and the services they offer. A key part of our partnership is raising our own awareness of issues connected with dementia and seeking to improve our services and approach so that we are more dementia-friendly.

Who are Dementia Jersey

Dementia Jersey has a wonderful team of professionals dedicated to providing expert information, support, and assistance, to all Islanders living with dementia, as well as to the families and friends of those affected. The charity organises activities and events which seek to promote the physical and mental health of its participants to enable people to live as fully, happily, and healthily as possible. The important work of Dementia Jersey also includes an active education campaign to raise awareness of dementia, and what it is like to live with dementia, with the aim of making Jersey a better informed, more dementia-friendly, island by helping people to understand issues affecting people living with dementia and how they can help with those issues.

Why Dementia Jersey

It goes without saying that Dementia Jersey is an incredible charity. It is a charity which has a particular resonance for BCR Law. There is a direct personal connection in that a number of people within the firm have relatives or friends who are living with dementia. Equally, within certain areas of our work we encounter those living with dementia, their families and friends, and we wanted to be sure that we provide a service to them which is adapted and suited to their needs. Partnering with Dementia Jersey ensures that we can better educate our people on how to best communicate and support our clients and their families.

Dementia Friends

As part of our partnership with Dementia Jersey, we were able to take part in the charity’s ‘Dementia Friends’ training programme. Through this brilliant educational programme Dementia Friends aims to change the way people think, act, and talk, about dementia. We were delighted to welcome the excellent Danny Du Heaume to our offices to talk to us about what it’s like to live with dementia and explain how we can turn that understanding into action to help those around us, including our clients, families and friends. This superb training was really well-received by our team and is thoroughly recommended!

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Dementia Jersey provides specialised support and education services – including family support, educational workshops and training courses – that are available for anyone living with or affected by dementia.

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