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A guide to divorce in Jersey

Going through a divorce can be challenging. If you, and/or your spouse, are considering a divorce, a great starting point is familiarising yourself with the process and procedures. In this...

November 27, 2023 Read more

Let’s end the blame game and consciously uncouple

This article was first published in Gallery magazine #186 Oct/Nov 2022. Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she and Chris Martin were consciously uncoupling in 2014 it has put the...

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Can you have a good divorce?

This article was first published in Gallery magazine. The words “good” and “divorce” may look strange sitting next to each other. When we think of the divorce process we rarely...

June 13, 2022 Read more

A Guide to Family Mediation

What is family mediation? Family Mediation is where an independent and qualified mediator is appointed to act as the middle person to resolve disputes between two parties in relation to...

January 21, 2022 Read more

Can you have a good divorce? Yes – if you and your spouse both want to.

Divorce, dissolution or separation can be an incredibly difficult time. These are decisions made by adults, sometimes after very unhappy circumstances, but the impact on children must not be under-estimated....

December 02, 2021 Read more

What is the emotional impact of divorce and how do you deal with it?

Divorce (or separation) is ranked second only to the death of a loved one in the top five worst life events. It is unlikely and rare that spouses/cohabitees will reach...

November 18, 2021 Read more

COVID-19: To what extent could the pandemic undermine financial orders made on divorce?

We are currently navigating our way through a global health emergency of an unprecedented scale.  With economic activity slowing, it is likely that the impact of COVID-19 will be felt...

April 07, 2020 Read more
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