Data protection and working with cross-border or third party suppliers

November 26, 2020

In light of recent developments regarding the processing of personal data outside of the EU and the possible implications of a No-Deal Brexit we have teamed up with BDO to offer a combined service to assist you in navigating and reducing your risk exposure in this complicated area. Together, we can give you a clear picture of your data location, your risk, and advise you on resolving or reducing your risk.

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How can we help?

  • Map and document the location of your company‚Äôs data
  • Assess the extent to which you rely on the (now defunct) Privacy Shield
  • Investigate how much data is transferred to and from the UK
  • Review the privacy statements of your third parties
  • Review any data sharing contracts you have entered into with any third parties
  • Determine the volume and nature of data you or your service providers process outside of the European Economic Area
  • Advise you about possible remediations and mitigations
  • Provide all of the above in a concise and pragmatic report

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