Amends to Employment Laws in Jersey

April 11, 2018

Wendy Lambert  and Ben Channing have written a briefing note on the amendments to the Employment Law.

These changes came into force in September 2018.

Introduction This briefing note is intended to provide employers and employees with an overview of the upcoming changes to the Employment Laws in Jersey. Advice on the specific legislation is available on request.

What is changing?
The focus will be on changes to maternity and paternity leave, disability, discrimination and new rights to flexible working.

When is it changing? The revisions are coming into force in September 2018 following the agreement by the States of Jersey to enact the new Laws.

Although there are a few months before these changes are due to take effect, now is the time for employers and HR teams to understand the changes.

What do you need to do as an employer?

You will need to budget for increased costs as the amount of paid maternity and parental leave increases.

Disability Discrimination
The changes to the Law will make it unlawful to discriminate, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of disability.

Where you work
Businesses have until September 2020 to make necessary adjustments to premises for disability access.

You will need to update your employee handbooks, policies and handouts to existing employees and new starters need to be updated in line with the new rules.

Consider any employees who may need to know about the changes in law, and who will require specific training on one or more elements of the Law.

What do you need to know as an employee?
Maternity leave
Has been increased to 26 weeks (with six weeks at full pay). No qualifying period is required, irrespective of the amount of time you have worked for your current employer.

Parental leave
Has been increased to 26 weeks (with two weeks at full pay) with no qualifying period required. Similarly, this is irrespective of the amount of time you have been employed by your current employer.

Antenatal appointments for the father/partner
This means the ability to attend such appointments with up to ten hours leave on a full pay basis.

Adoption leave
This is on the same basis as maternity and paternity leave, with the elected adopter taking the time equivalent to maternity leave.

Right to request flexible working
This right will now be available to all employees from day one of employment, irrespective of reasons for the request. Employers must show that they have given such requests ‘reasonable consideration’.

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