What is the Family Foundation

December 2, 2022

The Family Foundation is a new service which has been set up and run by the Family Division of the Royal Court in Jersey. The Family Foundation aims to help families resolve disputes about money or children and come to an agreement together without needing to involve the Court.

Would it be suitable for my family?

If you are currently experiencing difficulties in resolving disputes about money (e.g. child maintenance, division of property or finances after a relationship breakdown) or disputes about your child or children (e.g. contact arrangements) then the Family Foundation may be able to assist.

You must both be willing to participate and work together to find a solution. The Family Foundation cannot assist in matters where there are ongoing allegations of domestic abuse, harassment or other criminal behaviour.

What is the process?

The Family Foundation is a voluntary process and will only take place if all parties agree to participate. The sessions take place monthly and are held at the Family Court. There are a range of professionals who may assist in the sessions. These include officers from the Jersey Family Court Advisory Service (JFCAS), Judges from the Family Court, mediators, psychologists and family counsellors.

How much does it cost?

Going to Court can be an emotional and expensive process. The Family Foundation is a free service which can help all Jersey families who live and work in Jersey.
How do I apply?

Please see the link below to download the application forms to complete and return to the Family Foundation.

Family Foundation (alternative dispute resolution service) (
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