Latest COVID -19 guidance regarding hosting social events

What follows represents our understanding of the latest public guidance at the point of publication of this briefing.

Organising social gatherings in line with current Public Health guidelines – Whilst having a social gathering to boost morale may sound like a good idea employers have to consider whether hosting such an event is worthwhile in light of the current public health guidelines.

  • The latest government guidance in respect of social events includes the following:
  • There can only be a maximum of 20 people for organised gatherings;
  • All hospitality premises are required to close at 10pm with all customers leaving the premises by 10:30pm;
  • One person should be appointed as lead organiser. This should not be chosen on a whim as that person will be accountable under Jersey’s health and safety legislation if anything goes wrong
  • A full risk assessment should be undertaken which fully addresses and mitigates all COVID-19 public health risks associated with the event.
  • Relevant Information should be provided to and obtained from attendees ahead of the event.
  • The event should not permit crowds to gather (e.g. no dancing or entertainment function);
  • Service of alcohol must be consumed in a seated service; and
  • Any music should be kept at a low level to avoid encouraging shouting and/or singing.

There is also the ability to have informal gatherings of 10 people but care should be taken here to ensure the number doesn’t exceed or the rules flouted by having different people within the organisation book different tables to avoid the more formal requirements set out above.

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