Compromise Agreements

What is a Compromise Agreement?

Compromise agreements are used when a dismissal is deemed as potentially legally ‘unfair’ and the parties want to agree on a settlement, often financial, so as to avoid taking the matter to tribunal.

These agreements can be a useful tool for both employer and employee to avoid the additional costs of court proceedings as well as saving on time and energy on matters that could potentially last months.

Compromise agreements can be difficult to navigate and have conditions that need to be met. Seeking expert legal advice is sensible. Our employment law team have experience of drafting and negotiating these for both employers and employees with successful outcomes for both parties.

Compromise Agreement Calculator

If you have been offered a compromise agreement, or if you’re an employer looking to make sure you’re offering a fair settlement, head over to our compromise agreement calculator to get an estimate of the compensation that you or your employee could be entitled to.

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