It is never the first option for employers to make their staff redundant. If this is an unavoidable situation that you find yourself in as an employer, it is important to be aware of certain conditions:

  • Employees must have at least two years’ service with an organisation to be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment if they are dismissed on the grounds of redundancy.
  • The minimum payment is one week’s pay per year of service, capped at an amount fixed annually by the Government
  • Statutory notice periods apply to those over the age of 16 in addition
  • You have to follow a fair procedure leading to redundancy to avoid unfair dismissal claims

There are many other legal considerations an employer must make when contemplating redundancies. We advise employers on the right processes and procedures to ensure everything is carried out within legal boundaries. We also advise clients on issues around redundancies where there is a possible claim for unfair dismissal.

Compromise Agreement Calculator

If you have been offered a compromise agreement, or if you’re an employer looking to make sure you’re offering a fair settlement, head over to our compromise agreement calculator to get an estimate of the compensation that you or your employee could be entitled to.

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