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Royal Court Case Tracker

Representation of Craigmonie Hotel Limited [2024] JRC009  The Representor bought an application to set aside a trust that it had established on grounds of mistake. The trust was established by...

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Legislation Tracker

The following legislation has been adopted/enacted during the Quarter: Employment (Amendment No. 15) (Jersey) Law 202- This was adopted on 17 January 2024 and a copy of our observations on...

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Proposed Changes to Minimum Notice Periods

On 11th March 2024, Deputy Andrews introduced a proposition aimed at adjusting the statutory minimum notice periods required for employers to notify employees of the termination of their employment (excluding...

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What is Légitime?

Under Jersey law a person domiciled in Jersey does not have complete freedom to leave their property to whomever they wish. Légitime is a Jersey law doctrine which provides protection...

February 28, 2024 Read more

Flexible Working – Update to Employment Law

On 17th January 2024, the States Assembly adopted the Employment (Amendment No.15) (Jersey) Law 202- (the “Amendment Law”). This amendment, once enacted, will introduce additional rights for employees, specifically in...

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Types of Employment Contracts: A Guide for SMEs in Jersey

Recruiting and retaining staff can be a challenging endeavour for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly in industries such as hospitality and construction. Striking a balance between attracting the right...

February 06, 2024 Read more

e-Scooters: A bit of fun, or an accident waiting to happen?

E-scooters, hoverboards and e-skate boards are becoming a common sight on the streets of Jersey. On the face of it, they offer a fun and alternative way of beating the...

November 30, 2023 Read more

A Guide to Divorce in Jersey

Going through a divorce can be challenging. If you, and/or your spouse, are considering a divorce, a great starting point is familiarising yourself with the process and procedures. In this...

November 27, 2023 Read more
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