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Flexible Working – Update to Employment Law

On 17th January 2024, the States Assembly adopted the Employment (Amendment No.15) (Jersey) Law 202- (the “Amendment Law”). This amendment, once enacted, will introduce additional rights for employees, specifically in...

February 07, 2024 Read more

Types of Employment Contracts: A Guide for SMEs in Jersey

Recruiting and retaining staff can be a challenging endeavour for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly in industries such as hospitality and construction. Striking a balance between attracting the right...

February 06, 2024 Read more

e-Scooters: A bit of fun, or an accident waiting to happen?

E-scooters, hoverboards and e-skate boards are becoming a common sight on the streets of Jersey. On the face of it, they offer a fun and alternative way of beating the...

November 30, 2023 Read more

A guide to divorce in Jersey

Going through a divorce can be challenging. If you, and/or your spouse, are considering a divorce, a great starting point is familiarising yourself with the process and procedures. In this...

November 27, 2023 Read more

Removing an executor from a Jersey estate

Whilst rare, there have been instances when circumstances necessitate the removal of an executor from an estate. In this article, Emma Wakeling reviews a recent case in the Royal Court of Jersey on this topic.

November 21, 2023 Read more

Amendments to the Probate (Jersey) Law 1998

The Probate (Jersey) Law 1998 has recently undergone significant changes that impact the requirements for obtaining a Grant of Probate or letters of administration for movable estates. Previously, the Law...

November 09, 2023 Read more

Prenuptial Agreements – The Death of Romance?

Unfortunately, in the UK over 40% of marriages end in divorce. As such, an increasing number of couples are using prenuptial agreements to set out how they wish to proceed in the event of a divorce. In this article, Joanna Gardiner from our Family team look at prenuptial agreements.

October 17, 2023 Read more

Move it or lose it – How to safely dispose of a tenant’s unwanted possessions

Landlords often ask us what they can do with items left behind by tenants on moving out of residential premises. This is a very common problem for landlords and one that can be misunderstood and mishandled. Often the answer is not straightforward and should be handled with care. In this article, George Pearce looks at how to appropriately handle this situation.

October 16, 2023 Read more
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