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What is L├ęgitime?

Under Jersey law a person domiciled in Jersey does not have complete freedom to leave their property to whomever they wish. L├ęgitime is a Jersey law doctrine which provides protection...

February 28, 2024 Read more

Types of Employment Contracts: A Guide for SMEs in Jersey

Recruiting and retaining staff can be a challenging endeavour for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly in industries such as hospitality and construction. Striking a balance between attracting the right...

February 06, 2024 Read more

A Guide to Divorce in Jersey

Going through a divorce can be challenging. If you, and/or your spouse, are considering a divorce, a great starting point is familiarising yourself with the process and procedures. In this...

November 27, 2023 Read more

Duties of Employers to Employees

Employers owe their employees various duties. Most of them are fairly obvious (such as payment of salary) but it may not even occur to some employers that additional duties are...

December 23, 2022 Read more

BCR Law LLP volunteers for Jersey Trees For Life in helping maintain Val de la Mare

Volunteers from BCR Law LLP took part in a CSR day for Jersey Trees For Life (JTFL), as part of its partnership with the charity to support the local environment...

August 16, 2022 Read more

Making Alterations to Office Space

The shift towards a more hybrid way of working has seen many employers embracing imaginative ways to reinvent their workspaces, with a focus on employee health, wellbeing, satisfaction and performance....

July 21, 2022 Read more

BCR Law LLP partners with Trans* Jersey on deed poll service

Following Pride month, BCR Law LLP is proud to partner with Trans* Jersey in supporting the local transgender and non-binary community by offering to witness signatures on deed polls, which...

July 01, 2022 Read more

Transformative Technology and their Legal Risks

Investment in the technology sector continues to boom, creating potentially transformative technology which naturally attract businesses seeking to enhance their competitive advantage. However, these potentially transformative technologies do pose legal...

June 15, 2022 Read more
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