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What is Légitime?

Under Jersey law a person domiciled in Jersey does not have complete freedom to leave their property to whomever they wish. Légitime is a Jersey law doctrine which provides protection...

February 28, 2024 Read more

Amendments to the Probate (Jersey) Law 1998

The Probate (Jersey) Law 1998 has recently undergone significant amendments that impact the requirements for obtaining a Grant of Probate or letters of administration for movable estates. Previously, the Law...

November 09, 2023 Read more

6 key life moments when you should review your will

Your will is an ever-evolving document, a testament to your life. It should be reviewed and updated periodically, at least every few years, to ensure your wishes are accurately recorded and followed by those who survive you. In this article, Kelsi Rendell highlights 6 key moments that should prompt you to review your will.

September 28, 2023 Read more

Am I Too Young For a Lasting Power of Attorney?

While you may think that a Lasting Power of Attorney is something that only needs to be considered later in life, it is, in fact, never too early to plan...

June 08, 2023 Read more

A Guide to Jersey Probate

Dealing with a bereavement – even one that may have been expected – can be devastating and overwhelming enough without the paperwork that awaits. You may not realise what is...

June 08, 2022 Read more

The Benefits to having a Lasting Power of Attorney

“I must get around to it…”. Words we all say to ourselves about so many things. Everyday life has a habit, however, of making us push off the things we...

March 23, 2022 Read more

Dividing Your Estate

Should you treat your children equally when it comes to dividing your estate? Parents like to be fair to their children and, in the main, tend as they are growing...

February 10, 2022 Read more

Without a Valid Will, Charities cannot Inherit a Penny

“Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them.” Those words of the author of Gone With the Wind ring as true now as in 1936....

November 11, 2020 Read more
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